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Inclusione Acustica

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Description Product

SIR series sound insulation room is a product series developed by our company to improve the acoustic environment and equipment maintenance environment for the noise of various types of equipment such as air compressors, Roots blowers, screw compressors, large-scale water pumps, vacuum pumps and so on.

SIR series of sound insulation rooms are designed with alternative equipment rooms to isolate high-noise equipment from production and living facilities and place them outdoors as much as possible. There is no need to build a separate equipment room when using this product.


● Large volume elimination: audio frequency bandwidth, due to the use of anti-air vents, can effectively reduce high-frequency and low-frequency noise;

● Ventilation and heat dissipation: positive pressure forced ventilation, good ventilation effect, long life of ventilation fan;

● Ventilation and muffler: Yes, using impedance combined with muffler vent;

● Placement method: It can be placed outdoors or indoors (with no roof drain and drain design indoors);

● Beautiful appearance: antirust paint can be customized when placed outdoors;

● Indoor lighting: LED lighting, energy-saving and power-saving, can be customized and linked to open the movable door;

● Cooling: equipment cooling water inlet is reserved;

● Electrical safety: overall grounding, with leakage protection;

● Convenient maintenance: large internal space, designed with detachable side door for maintenance;

Specìzii principali

◆ Attenuation: low frequency band 12 ~ 15dB (A); high frequency noise 15 ~ 25dB (A);

◆ Volumi di ventilazione: U voluminu di l'aria hè strettamente calculatu per assicurà chì u voluminu di l'aria affluente pò ancu aghjurnà rapidamente l'aria interna sottu a premisa di più grande di l'ingaghjamentu di l'aria di l'equipaggiu interni;

◆ Applicable products: air compressor, Roots blower, screw compressor, large water pump, vacuum pump, various types of high-noise fluids or mechanical equipment;