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Radiche Industriali in Acciaiu Inossidabile MVR

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Description Product

MVR steam compressor is a new product designed and manufactured for the shortcomings of traditional centrifugal compressors, such as low temperature evaporation efficiency, short life, short performance curve and difficult to control evaporation.

MVR compressor uses cast iron, Hastelloy, duplex stainless steel, etc. as the basic material of the over-current part. According to the requirements of different working conditions, NiP, PFA and other coatings are flexibly selected. It can be used in combination with rising film evaporator, falling film evaporator, FC evaporation crystallizer, etc.

MVR compressor is a constant flow type compressor. Due to the use of a new heat control system, the compression ratio is very high, which can perform multi-effect evaporation at a low temperature and achieve a high compression efficiency. Generally, the working range for water vapor can be extended to 10 ~ 120 ℃, which is much larger than the working range of centrifugal compressors at 60 ~ 120 ℃.

The machine uses our company's leading counter-current cooling technology in the field of Roots blower manufacturing to achieve overheating and eliminate the need to reduce the temperature of the spray from the inlet, thereby avoiding the cavitation damage of the spray to the body. At the same time, this technology can improve the heat exchanger The steam flow rate improves the evaporation efficiency of the system.


● Body material: cast iron, Hastelloy, duplex stainless steel;

● Coating material: NiP, PFA;

● Body cooling: unique countercurrent cooling heat control system;

● Cool but: air-cooled and water-cooled universal, can be switched at any time;

● Disposizione di u corpu: layout tradiziunale, tippu densu compactu;

Specìzii principali

◆ Flussu: 0.6 ~ 120m³ / min;

◆ Aumentà a pressione: 9.8 ~ 70kPa;

◆ Velocità applicabile: 500 ~ 2000RPM;

◆ Evaporation treatment capacity: 0.2 ~ 3.5T;

Applicazioni speciali

★ Beverage industry: evaporation of milk, juice, whey, sugar solution;

★ Food industry: evaporation of monosodium glutamate, soybean, protein emulsion;

★ Medication: Vitamins, etc .;

★ Chemical industry: evaporation, crystallization, purification, concentration;

★ Wastewater treatment: salty wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, etc .;