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Trattamentu di Residui d'Acqua Radica Soffiante

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Description Product

The company has accumulated rich experience in the sewage treatment industry. WT series blowers are developed and optimized products for the problems of sewage treatment usingtraditional roots blowers: high operating cost, large equipment noise, and large changes in working conditions.

WT series water treatment Roots blower is efficient, energy-saving, low-noise, micro-vibration, stable performance, long trouble-free operation time, low maintenance cost; paying attention to the convenience for maintenance in the design, reserved (bearing temperature, oil temperature, vibration, etc ) Sensor interface for remote monitoring.

In view of the cost of the sewage treatment industry during long-term operation, our company has developed a blower precise aeration system for WT series products. This series of products can automatically adjust the operating state according to the variaton of dissolved oxygen in the sewage, avoid invalid aeration, effectively reduce energy consumption, and save operating costs.

According to the noise level at the operating site, WT series blowers adopt patented technologies such as CONCH contour profile, diamond inlet and outlet, and airflow buffer cavity, which effectively reduce the airflow pulsation and the vibration of the whole machine. WT series products are also equipped with sound insulation and noise reduction products, which can be purchased and upgraded to reduce the running noise of the fan(machine).

In view of the temperature rise caused by the increase in system pressure due to sludge deposition, membrane tube blockage, and increased water level during the sewage treatment process, the WT series blower adopts the air-cooled and water-cooled integrated structural design which has obtained the national invention patent, which can increase the operating pressure After high, it is switched from air-cooled to water-cooled in place, which has good adaptability to harsh working conditions such as overpressure and overtemperature; it avoids the cost increase caused by replacing equipment for ordinary products and has good economy.


● Prufilu di l'impeller: unicu prufilu CONCH à trè pale, piccula pulsazione di flussu d'aria, alta efficienza volumetrica, alta efficienza, risparmiu d'energia, bassu rumore è microvibrazione;

● Modu di trasmissione: cintura, cunnessione diretta;

● Inlet and Outlet: Struttura d'entrata unica in forma di diamante, entrata d'aria liscia;

● Gear: Gear di precisione à cinque livelli, alta precisione di trasmissione, bassu rumore;

● Cisterna d'oliu: a struttura di cisterna d'oliu unica / doppia hè opzionale, cunfigurazione flessibile;

● Cooling: raffreddatu à l'aria è raffreddatu à l'acqua universale, pò esse cambiatu convenientemente;

● Disposizione di u corpu: dispusizione tradiziunale, struttura densa compatta

Specìzii principali

◆ Flussu: 0.6 ~ 713.8m³ / min;

◆ Aumentà a pressione: 9.8 ~ 98kPa;

◆ Velocità applicabile: 500 ~ 2000RPM;

◆ Temperatura di cunversione di raffreddamentu d'acqua: 90 ℃ (currispondente à pressione 58.8kPa);

Applicazioni speciali

Nota: Qualsiasi cundizione di travagliu cumplicata chì implica operazione à alta altitudine, operazione à bassa frequenza, trasportu di gas à bassa densità (eliu), ecc., Per piacè cuntattate cù a nostra squadra tecnica in anticipu.4TV8IKWTTRyn0O2c1pzYMg